Apparent Eyes

I already know what are the needs to make it into tomorrow
So here we go
Im not saying I've  got  answers, or the key to life
every single minute matters
I've been around a couple of times, in a time before you were you
apparent, as the eyes on your face, a parent for you
as apparent, as the nose on your face
(you don't understand , that's because you've never ever glanced through apparent eyes)
a parent puts food on your plate
its apparent, who's misunderstood
(every dream and wish you've ever had, you get it is mine)
that's because you've never looked through a apparent eyes
I can see you, no matter where you may travel
wherever you go, near or far away, I'll be there with you every step of the way
I know what you're going to find, and I know, what awaits down the line
(as apparent, parent, as the eyes on your face)
I've been around, learned a trick or two, in a time before you were a parent too
oh please, apparent
(as apparent, as the eyes on your face)
a parent keeps you in your place
for me it's apparent , you won't understand
and that's because you've never glanced, through apparent eyes
only then you will see
(only then you'll see)

only then you'll see how you looked
only then you'll see just how you looked, through apparent eyes  2x
only then you'll know just how you looked through apparent eyes

Returned Moments


Apparent Eyes- My life experience has opened my eyes to what I feel is one of the most important things you should know. As a kid, a teen you do not understand your parents, at times you feel your parents are against you. I remember having thoughts like this at times when I was younger. Had I known what I know now, I would have changed many decisions I made in life, and how I looked at my parents. When I became a parent, it was only then I came to understand my parents. You will not understand this idea until you are a parent.
You should know your parents, if they are good parents, only have the best intentions for you. You dont get a manual to be a good parent, you simply use your life experience and try to make the best decisions for your vAlways have high reguards for those friends who speak highly of their parents. You can learn much from them. I have learned a great deal from parents around me, in 
school, sports, and community. These are some of the most valuable lessons you can learn.

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