Its not top secret who has special powers
that somehow keep them hidden from sight
they operate on whats right
its not about the hours
no matter day or night
you wont need xray vision to see them
they dont need to be in the light

So Follow me in a hymn for heroes
the biggest heroes are the hardest ones to see
Im glad theres heroes close to me

Maybe we should all take a closer look
heroes dont need colorful capes
and they dont have to shift their shapes
heroes dont repell bullets
they dont need special guns
they have no fear, no reason to run
heroes worry about more than just one

So Follow me in a hymn for heroes
cause the largest ones are the most difficult to see

Dedicate this
Identify a hero
Thank them
I keep my heroes close to me
Go out and find some heroes

Returned Moments

Hymn for Heroes

Hymm for Heroes
People who do the right thing at the right time
good parents who show new parents how to be good parents
people who put themselves on the line for others
people who think of others as well as themselves
my mom dad grandparents
They have no planet or race
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