How can Just one click of a mouse
be an electrical invasion
the worlds all hooked up now
Everyone needs information

and beleive me I know what your after
forms promptin me to say
send this information
it's a social media game
Interpret my Identity 
by those I keep close to me

rated by statistics and analylization
who certified the sifters identification
Machines have their own  interpretation
Anonymous exchange of energy

Interpret my Identity 
by those I keep close to me

Maybe your a plus or a minus
Maybe your the zero 
maybe your the one who'll find
nuetral and useless
Will the filters know the difference
Virus, Wars and threats to Security
Can't we work on the good til then

Interpret my Identity 
by those I keep close to me 
Returned Moments


How does one interpret, actions, ideas, and words? Maybe you're an actions speak louder than words type. That could work as long as the translation of the message, action or idea, was received exactly as you meant it.
How would anyone know if it was received as you intended, your not in their head. Now factor in people, who speak different languages, where their is no direct translation, for your idea, or words. It must be created. How and where did this "translator" grow up will reflect in their translation, and so will thier experience in life. Now in print they created a mechanical version, of the idea, message, or action. A text of this idea. So now it's in words or print , the funny thing about print, is it does not put forward emotion. Words are just words. They may be conceived many ways, by many people. Print can push forward emotion if it is described, but along with texting, there has come a new language, and new symbols. Ways to shorten and make communication, or mis-communication faster. 

Interpret-     In some way shape or form, all living things interpret thier environment. We interpret light, sound, smell, and all of the information our other senses give us. Take sound for instance, we listen to music, what makes us attracted to certain types of music, beats, and combinations of chords, some people interpret the emotions in the music, and some are drawn by the combinations of instruments and voice. 
Sounds can also be scary, not many horror films would be scary without sound. Everyone would have thier own interpretation of what is scary. As we evolve, in some circles  or not evolve, how ever you look at it, texting and social media have brought about a different communication.

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