Take a look around you, know the picture well
Family all around us, remember how it felt
just remember

Co- inhabitants of a world, a world born today
The place you'll find your planet, is where our souls connect
Joined together everyday in our hearts, in our souls
Joined together to stay, the dance will be the feeling to the end

What we have is what we bring, we build on solid ground
We'll be held accountable, for the love we've found
If the world get's dark and stormy, remember it away
Joined together everyday in our hearts, in our souls
Joined together to stay, we have to hold the moment in our heads

Joined together everyday in our hearts, in our souls
Joined together to stay, until the end
Until the end
Returned Moments


Joined- As a young man, I realized right away I did not want my parents advice, or opinions on my the love of my life or my friends. After much life experience, I now realize that my parents were simply looking at the situations realistically, through the eyes of experience. Now as a parent I am careful offer opinions or advice to my kids. To be Joined together, both in love, and in friends, is a sign of great success in life. Souls touch in many ways, and Im not sure the body is in charge of the selection process.
Lets start with friends, I have been gifted in life by the friends I hold. I still beleive this to be one of my greatest achievements during my existance. I can only offer my definiton of friends, which by the way is defined by my friends. Many of my friends I have for over forty years, We have learned from each other, we dont judge each other. You should be able to say anything, ask for help, ask for opinions, but most importantly, you feel good when they are around. For the sake of understanding, this is simply positive energy. It is my belief that the soul needs this energy, as well as the world. I am eternally grateful to the friends I have, they have helped me through the journey of life, and I keep them in my heart and soul in this life, and after. Now on to the complexities of love. By that, I mean as an adult, Im still not sure I understand all of the forms of love there are. I am thankful they exist. To be joined in marriage is a deep bond. Many people need this level of commitment to fulfill their soul. I caution you in life not to confuse the strength of a relationship of un-married people. Some of the happiest people I know, are simply together because they want to be, and do not need religion or legal reasons. I have found if you try to touch the soul of all those you meet, in a positive way, love will find you.
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