So goes time
I Blame it all on our race
It keep us on a feverish pace
If I come off kind of rude
Tell me why the Monk sold his Ferrari
He can't take it where he's going 
Money and survival show their face
I make a mental note of you...know...who
I programmed in some kind of warnings, too
detecting some kinds of mistakes
If you have looks of confusion and dismay
Im just seeing it all 
as a waste of my precious time 
Time Slips 
make sure that you use up every moment in your day
So time....Why wait
Make the most of every moment
that you face

If this were an actual moment
It would be one less  for you
Don't waste time if there's no sense
Develop a better taste
Remember those who waste
The journey of your soul doesn't end
Don't waste time with negativity
I programmed in some kind of warnings
detecting some kinds of mistakes
You have filters for confusion and dismay
I'm just seeing it all
as waste of your precious time
Time slips away
should have used up every moment of everyday
So time Slips Away 
Time slips (lead) slips away (back vox)
use up every moment that your given everyday
So goes time
Make sure that you use up every moment
Returned Moments

Time Slips

Time Slips- I have found there never seems to be enough time to complete the dreams that go through my head. As a parent the battle over time to spend with your kids, versus the time you spend laboring to give them every chance in life, is the most painful.
Understand, being a parent is the job I recommend the most on this planet, just know it comes with great rewards and sacrifices. I truly believe everyone has a purpose in life, and the more time you waste at nothing, the longer it will be  before you master and fulfill your purpose.
I know, so prophetic, but when your young you always think there is time for everything, and then you get to an age, and you realize just how fast time slips away. No one is guaranteed to wake up tommorow, young or old, and for this very reason I think its important to make the best of everyday. Stay positive, think positive, and avoid negative thinking. This is truly a waste of valuable time. Time better spent with your kids, family, and loved ones. Over time life has taught me if you think positively about what you want, you will make it happen, If you choose the negative, you will suffer your own consequences.


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