I've got a question
can you explain
how the simplest of questions
eludes the brain, will someone explain

all of the people I ask
have thier own set of questions
oh so many
unanswered questions 2x

So how come
so much still unknown
why can't we get together and
find some answers
to those, so so many
unanswered questions

I've got questions
You've got questions
we've got questions
we've got questions maybe weird
maybe clueless or maybe cleverly written

oh so many
unanswered questions 3x repeat
Returned Moments

Unaswered Questions

Unanswered Questions-I have always been in awe of Scientists and Inventors, who work their whole lives trying to answer unanswered questions. Such dedication and focus are truly admirable qualities. You should ask questions about everything in life. You can never know too much.
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