Returned Moments

About Me

The Capture of moments in time, they become instantly priceless, not by money, they simply happen only once. I find myself looking at tapes I purchased at public auctions, and junk sales, as treasure. You can always find some magic captured in time. Some old films I found are so interesting, what people were wearing, the surroundings, history, I don't have any idea how old they are, but I always find myself going through the effort of posting these lost treasures, in hopes that the people who put there heart and soul into creating, whether they reside in this world or the next, know that what they created is still survived and enjoyed.   I love the camera, and editing, but Im also a songwriter,  I do different types of Production work and writing..and try to  make a living at it, I started this site for the pure enjoyment of others..I'm always for hire..if you need me! I hope you check out Returnedmoments channel on you-tube. Check back for upcoming details on my upcoming movie-musical, ...Ty

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