Returned Moments


 A story about a Dad, who searches to find his way to communicate with his children, in the modern day mediums. After learning how difficult it is to compete  against all that modern technology has to offer. He decides  if he is no match for the hold that  ipods, phones, video games, computers and the internet, have on his children. He must find a way to use the medium to impress upon them, things he truly believes to be important.
Knowledge handed down to him by his Dad. Coming from a generation, where everyone sat at the dinner table and ate together.  The family would watch television together, talk and play together. It was during these times families would have communication, and teach, or learn about everything needed in life, including all that's important. As  Dad realizes he must embrace the attraction of these modern wonders, he knows not only would he have to modernize his ideas and approach, entering thier world with old world ideas and trying to translate them would truly be a challenge, and this is what happened.

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